Laurel L LewisOriginally from the Southern state of Mississippi, Laurel received a BS degree in nursing in 1994.  She was married and widowed all by the age of 27, which radically shifted her path and her perspective on life and death.  Since then she has been on a spiritual quest learning how to integrate complicated end of life issues into daily grace and full living. Along the way she is being of deep service to others whether through her RN training, private coaching, yoga, or creating workshops and wellness retreats around the world.

Although still in her early 40’s she has become an expert in her field. The deathbed, and all of the complicated issues that can come up around the dying process, are things which she fully embraces and helps others to navigate with wisdom, compassion and dignity. She has worked with thousands of people and had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of deaths.  She exhibits mastery in the skill of communicating about the topics of death and dying to patients, families, and professionals. Her passion and expertise is on death and dying which also means she is a huge fan of life and living. She currently hosts monthly death and dying dinner parties, is a hospice RN and spiritual counselor, co-hosts retreats to Bali, and spends time mentoring private clients using her master’s degree in spiritual psychology. She has traveled the world extensively, allowing those adventures to influence the day-to-day practices that support her in this work.  She endeavors to live an inspiring present moment life and encourages others to do the same.

She is a poet, dancer, lover of all things involving consciousness, and smiles more easily than most.