Mary G

Mary G ~ taken 4 days before she died

I offer both professional and private consultations related to death and dying.

Phone consults include a brief intake to assess your needs. You may need suggestions or advice related to end of life care, medical information, or practical guidance on “how to” or what to do next. You can make one call and get compassionate answers for yourself or someone you care about.

In home consults include a visit to your home to assess the overall needs of the person in transition. These needs may include equipment, in home support, education related to disease process and progression, physical needs related to skin or nutrition, emotional support and next steps.

Professional consultations can be either on set or be provided more formally with a talk, inservice or a Question and Answer session. Each offers a unique perspective while providing you and your coworkers or friends with relevant, meaningful, insightful often inspiring experiences simply from discussing these topics and becoming more familiar with something that will affect each of us.

Levin CenterI have recently been working with ShowTime consulting on a death and dying documentary, providing education and intimate knowledge of the death and dying process. Also, helping the staffers process this topic most of whom have not been exposed to death so closely up to this point. Exposure to this topic can been challenging and as I have learned in my years of hospice experience, equally rewarding! Sometimes we simply need guidance and support to help make sense of what we are facing. (See all six episodes of “Time Of Death” on

My advance degree in consciousness health and healing play an integral part in all of my sessions whether one-on-one or group oriented.

The prices vary depending on length of call and length of engagement. Please email or call me for these details.