Death and Dying Dinner Parties

Death and Dying Dinner partyA death and dying dinner is a place for people to share their ideas, concerns, and questions in an environment of support, creativity, and openness about this topic. As we become more familiar with our own ideas about this subject the natural by product is the integration of death being a natural part of life, thus allowing us to live more fully and more empowered in the present moment. This kind of conversation creates intimacy, connection, trust, and expansion. These are qualities that create a peaceful dying experience and a more joy-filled life as well! Exactly as it should be for such precious times in our lives.
The intention for the night is to participate in rich, meaningful, uncensored, organic, and inspiring conversation which is, in any way, related to the topics of death and dying. You are welcome to share and you are not required to do so.

There are only a few guidelines for the night:

Death and Dying Dinner with Deepak Chopra

This is a ‘must see’ video for anyone who is going to die

Please don’t talk over, or interrupt anyone’s sharing.
Please don’t give advice.
Please know that although the night may be therapeutic, the intention is simply to come together and share in a creative, explorative conversation. The sharing is not intended to be therapeutic, and yet as I mentioned, that may be a wonderful side effect.

The dinners are held monthly in Santa Monica on the West Side. The dinners are potluck plus a $30 donation. Please email me to reserve your seat at the next dinner. You can also join the Facebook group “Death and Dying Dinner Parties” to join the community interested in this vital topic.



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