Death isn’t personal


Why do we take death so personally? Death happens to us all.

We identify so strongly with the self, our ego, and our personalities that we fail to accept one of the most incredible and inevitable parts of this journey. The end.

We set ourselves up for terrible deaths because we rage against this natural event our entire lives.

Life and death should not be thought of as opposites. Life is Life. Birth, death, and regeneration are all a part of the life cycle.

We die everyday. Ask any biologist. Our cells, our skin, even our bones have come and gone, again and again. Can we learn from these mini deaths?

How can we loosen our grip on life and become more accepting of our fate? Is it possible to identify less with who we are personally and more with what we are experiencing actually? Life is moving through us. Can we get out of the way?

Focus your awareness on what is present.

Trust yourself, be courageous enough to face what is yours to face, surrender what you can, and know that your Life is precious because it does indeed have a beginning and an end. It is valuable because it is unique and temporal.

You get to choose what to think about. Shift your consciousness in this way. Think of your death and choose your Life. Do it often.

By the time you take your last breath you will be so content with your Life experience that you will yield to that which meets us all, with grace, courage, and peace.


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