Full of Grace


Generous Spirit ~ We’ve met time and time again

Such relief in having recognized each other

Perfect timing

Teacher of grace and tenderness, love of life and connections

Slow to depart for all of the life yet to live

good friends, music, great food, high tea, family

art, religion, grandchildren, 90th surprise party.

the work of your hands: seen and unseen

How fortunate for us to remember each other and delight in that knowing

The caring was mutual as was the counsel

One teaching how to live, the other how to die

Your eyes perceived everything about me

And you loved me without conditions

Earnest interest and excitment in my day to day-

Reminding me of all my worth

And perhaps there was solace in my companionship

A map of how things were to unfold so you could be comforted in such a

Precarious and unfamiliar place

I miss our kisses and the sweet and gentle touch of your hand on my cheek

Kisses and smiles, tender hugs and holding hands

You loved my freckles and I loved your smiling eyes

I could see your little girl and you could see my wise woman

You quieted my heart time and again

In each other’s presence we seemed to find sweet peace

I am so proud of you for letting go with Beauty



You will always be a touchstone for me. My teacher, my friend, my love.

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for trusting me to take care of you

I’ll see you in my dreams, and if I’m to be truly blessed, I’ll see you in the twilight of my

life and we can hold hands again in my crossing over.

~ reflections on my time with SS

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