Men Who Laugh in the Morning


A circle of masculinity 12 shoulders broad

. Some leaning forward some resting their spines on welcoming chairs. 

All partaking in the communion at hand. 

I stood 20 feet away affected by the deep laughter. The words, my simple English-speaking mind could not comprehend.

 This lack of understanding left me with only the feeling of their belly laughs erupting through the quiet still sleepy morning. 

I glanced appreciatively at their circle and wondered how the rest of their day would unfold. Would this be the highlight? Is this their morning meditation? Did they know how much I loved the sound of their laughter? How inspired and awestruck I was? 

Imagine these men: dark haired, bright eyed Latinos, some with scruffy faces, dressed in work clothes, day worker clothes, black boots, wind breaker jackets, some wearing hats, some with pudgy bellies. All smiling, most laughing, reaching out to touch each other on the arm, as if to say “hey, I am with you”. 

We were in a Starbuck’s coffee shop. 8:00 am. Monday morning. The beginning of the beginning of the week. I was there for caffeine; they were there for each other. 

These men sat in a circle breathing in each other, laughing, loving, witnessing. 

Men who laugh in the morning open my heart to the possibilities of life.

 Men who laugh in the morning know that life is more sweet than sour. 

Men who laugh in the morning know that there is time to laugh.

 Men who laugh in the morning give me hope that the laughter can continue through the challenges of the day. 

Men who laugh in the morning are beautiful. 

Thank you, you beautiful men.

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  1. Sven says:

    Takes one to know one! happy Bday!

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