Laurel creates a safe and loving space to discuss an issue that is often left undiscussed. After attending a Death and Dying dinner I felt completely alive and inspired by the human experience. The day after the dinner I attended, someone very close to me passed unexpectedly. It was truly a miracle that I was at the dinner the night before as it really opened my heart and soul to be able to process my grief, support myself and find the peace within my tears. Laurel is truly an angel on earth.

Christine Hassler, M.A., Author - Speaker – Life Coach

The wonderfully deep rapport you shared with my Mom over the course of her last year of life was inspirational to both my wife and me. It touched our hearts to see how much your visits with her kept her engaged with and determined to squeeze as much joy and meaning out of her remaining time as she could. Your loving and supportive relationship with my Mom reminded us to remain patient and engaged with her on a day to day basis rather than get swept up by our own anxieties as to where and how things would evolve with her. Thus, we too were able to savor many wonderful times with her over those last months.

Additionally, you were a wise and patient sage in helping me deal with a difficult moment that arose with one of my siblings. Different expectations and priorities between my brother and me could have led to much more serious conflicts between us. But you helped me to process my feelings so as to resolve things relatively well.

I am a retired clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in helping others through their own life transitions and problems. Thus, my opinions about your expertise are not just personal. I held, and still hold, your talents in the highest esteem.

Richard Solomon, Phd in the Bay Area of California

Laurel is a healer and visionary in the area of death and dying. In guiding us to approach death with loving and compassion, Laurel teaches us how to live -- with heart and courage and conviction. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Francesco Barbera, Attorney

Laurel was instrumental in supporting me in creating a beautiful healing experience with the transition of my father.  Her loving compassion, encouragement and innate understanding enabled me to let go with grace and joy and to embrace the exquisite beauty that I now understand the dying process can be.  I felt cradled in her gentle loving heart.  Thank you for guiding me with your Light."

Diana Heil, Administrator, Insight University
Laurel is a healer and visionary in the area of death and dying. In guiding us to approach death with loving and compassion, Laurel teaches us how to live -- with heart and courage and conviction. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Francesco Barbera Founder, Barbera Corporate Law
Laurel Lewis serves both the living and the dying from a deep wellspring of compassion, wisdom and sacred intention. She is a calm, abiding presence who helps those fortunate enough to work with her navigate through the most challenging storms that hit the shores of their lives.

Dayna Dunbar Award-winning author of The Saints and Sinners of Okay County and The Wings That Fly Us Home
Attending a Death and Dying dinner party was an amazing transformative experience. I went in not having any exceptions and left feeling more open, vulnerable, and like I had grown up just a bit more. The dinner gave me the opportunity to really feel the divine connection we all have with each other and showed me that I am not alone.

I would highly recommend the Death and Dying Dinners to anyone who has an interest in honoring life, and who shares an interest in exploring how best to honor the death and dying of their loved ones.

Charles Rahi Chun  Film and Television Actor
I am so grateful to have been exposed to these dinners. One of the qualities I appreciate about the DDD Parties is having a space where up to 12 individuals can come together and have a free flowing, non-judgmental conversation about death and dying. I have found that it is a space in which people who are hesitant (and sometimes even afraid) to speak about death along with those who are immersed in it (professionally or on a volunteer basis) join to simply share their experiences. The conversations span from clinical/professional knowledge spirituality.
I find this both educational and empowering. Empowering because attending these dinners helped me understand the choices I can make for myself and loved ones should terminal illness arise. It’s also taught me another level of acceptance and respect for the various ways we each deal with death and dying.

Kanoe Wheeler OFC Administrator & Spiritual Counselor
The Death & Dying Dinner Party is an amazing way to lift the veil of fear and confusion about death. By opening the door to a casual conversation, the Death & Dying Dinner Party provides attendees a unique experience surrounding the topic of death, removing much of the polarity and emotion that is typically associated with the subject. With the intention of being a conversation instead of counseling session or a support group, the Death & Dying Dinner Party makes discussions about a typically taboo subject permissible and even encourages said.

Christopher King