The Lighthouse (inspired by Jolenny)


She shines from an unwavering, unfailing Source with consciousness and clarity, providing companionship, comfort, direction.
 Guidance from a place so pure within her it offers strong allowances to all who perceive her.
 She permits us to feel into her and to see her naked and raw, exactly as she is. Radiant transparent Love.
 Her intimate knowledge of light and strength give hope and inspiration for those feeling their way through the storms, dark and cold.
 Weathered herself by periods of trials and hardship feeling often times vulnerable and uncertain, she always reconnects to and calls on her own Source with generosity enough to allow for an overflow of light.

A solid foundation, intricate winding stairwell, and beautiful tempered glass surrounding a pulsating rich energizing beam of light/awareness.

 I am a curious witness to your journey-watching as you shine. Piercing with gentle grace the darkness that we often find present hindering our ability to move with confidence in the direction of our Soul’s purpose.
 As you willingly offer this Source comfort and knowing, we learn to navigate ourselves with more grace. You show us how to stand tall and steadfast, how to reach out while drawing from within.

 You are brilliant, wise, and kind.
 Shine on, sweet Spirit, Shine on.

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