The Nurses I Know


The nurses I know are the kind of people who you want around in a crisis. They are smart, considerate, calm, generous, creative, resourceful, energetic, easy to talk to, open and kind. 
They take time to celebrate each other’s wins and to grieve each other’s losses. 
They are happy to see you coming and supportive when it’s time for you to go.
 They know that they play only a part in the puzzle of healthcare and life, yet are very interested in making their puzzle piece fit just right. And are very interested to know who is touching each side of their piece, because in knowing that relationship they can be of better service. 
The nurses I know take time to share a meal together, to inspire one another, to share their knowledge and experiences in hopes of making the road a little smoother for those that follow. 
They often treat others better than they treat themselves and generally think of others needs long before considering their own. They work more than they should and get paid less than they’re worth. They do this because it is the calling of their hearts.
 They are a band of healers, helping to heal each other along the way. Supporting, trusting, cheerleading, and guiding.
 The nurses I know make my life better in more ways than I can write. I am blessed to be a nurse and to share in a profession that is so creative, nurturing, flexible, and compassionate. 
Though I have moved from place to place and shared workspace with many fellow nurses, my heart is filled with love, admiration, and respect for each of you I shared time with. 
The nurses I know make a difference. Day to day, minute to minute, person to person. There is no other profession that has the possibility of impacting and transforming one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of health. The doors of healing are wide open and the nurses I know walk through them well equipped.
 The nurses I know make me proud to be a nurse. Blessings to us all for continued strength and healing. And a special blessing to all of you who love a nurse! She needs you more than you know

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