The Vow


I will enfold you in ways of loving that have never been written or sung about. Ways in which you dream, but upon waking forget. I will love you in these sacred ways. 
I will give you the strength of heart, strong enough to push back the ocean waves until they break upon distant shores. Strong enough to bear the burden of any storm. 
I will guide you through the darkest, coldest, loneliest abysses which you have created in you mind- with a light so piercing nothing stands- save the Truth. 
I will honor your days and nights and all of the choices which give meaning to your life. I honor you without hesitation and with the wisdom of 10,000 years. 
I will show you unexpected tenderness through strangers and kindness through the Mother earth. 
When you cry, I will breathe you. 
When you doubt, I will breathe you.
 When you rage, I will breathe you. 
In all that you are, with each endeavor, through all connections, in all time and space. I will. 
I will. 
I will be with you. 
We can close our eyes and know that we are held, loved, honored, adored, guided, and celebrated through Spirit. 
Close your eyes and hear Spirit whisper to you. 
I will.

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