The Watcher


The watcherFor 14 years she was in my life. Red and restless, sweet and stubborn. She became a runner before she was 5 months old and trained along side both Gregg and me. She lived in the snow, the desert, the woods of Georgia, and at the beach. I remember the one and only time she mistook the sand for snow and ended up with a mouthful. She played it off. She was one of the most beautiful dogs I have seen. 
My constant companion, cheerleader, love, and guide. It took me 13 years to realize that she has been the spiritual watcher in my life. A source of affection, entertainment, a teacher of grace, patience, commitment, and kindness. 
It was with great affection and respect that I took her to a favorite spot, offered my gratitude for her years of constant service and spread what was left of her into the windy sands along Lake Meade. I left her ashes in the desert and I took her Spirit with me. 

Harlem Blues Lewis 
I am grateful for all you have taught me. I miss your sweet face. Thank you for loving me.

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