Time with a Dead Body


Death can be surprising, unexpected, and shocking. Even when death is anticipated our reaction to it can be overwhelming. I’m offering for you to consider the idea of spending some time with your loved one after they have died. Our modern culture has sterilized the entire dying process and made what used to be quite average and normal into something bizarre; some might say morbid or grotesque. Once death occurs the body is taken away as quickly as possible. This separation can have a long lasting negative impact on the survivors who have had little, often no time, to process the death. Being with your deceased loved one begins the grieving process and allows your nervous system time integrate the event. This is important time to begin to understand the finality of their physical life coming to an end. It’s time to perform rituals, prayers, to sit in silence, to touch your loved one, to share thoughts, secrets, to sing or simply to be present to death and to the life that continues all around it.
There are many home funeral services that can help guide you and nurses or social workers that can help you take the next steps.
Please know that it’s OK to want to spend time with your loved one after they’ve died and it’s your right to do so.
If you need any assistance please be in touch.

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